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Family Internet Safety Activity pack

Dear parent or carer,

Google’s B​e Internet Legends programme​ in partnership with Parent Zone have pulled together some things that you can do at home to keep your children entertained (and safe) whilst they are away from school.

This ​‘Legendary Learner Pack’​ is full of ​activities and useful advice for families​ to try at home. It can help you to keep your children occupied whilst reinforcing some of the important skills they’ve been developing at school, including...

Being Kind online and using the internet for positive online activities - something families will be doing a lot in the coming weeks and maybe months.

The activities also include links to ​Interland​ - an online game which brings Be Internet Legends to life. You can play it together - or just let your child play it knowing they are doing something fun and educational. Find it here g​ .co/interland

If you want to find out more about Be Internet Legends, don’t hesitate to visit

Have fun and stay safe!

We have attached the pack with loads of Family ideas below.