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Our Trust

Founded in September 2016, Equals Trust, is a primary multi-academy trust based on the principle of equality with the aim of allowing member schools to maintain their ethos and unique identities within a tight local network, with strong mutual accountability, shared support services and a strong collaborative approach to staff development and school improvement.

We work collaboratively together with a clear purpose and direction, where:

  • teaching and learning is at the centre of all we do;
  • children enjoy, and are engaged in, a curriculum that challenges and excites them;
  • we develop responsible citizens who value diversity;
  • we ensure a culture of high expectations amongst all our children;
  • children value themselves and each other, developing the self-confidence and resilience  to face future challenges;
  • the contributions made by all stakeholders are valued.

We work effectively in school partnerships to enhance our provision by:

  • extending the learning opportunities and activities for pupils;
  • enriching the curriculum through partnership working and shared resources;
  • enabling the greater sharing of excellent teaching and learning;
  • enhancing the professional development of teaching and support staff;
  • building mutual support and accountability for Headteachers and Governors;
  • securing cost and resource efficiencies through joint commissioning.