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Our Board

Equals Trust has a team of directors whose combined skills offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to support the Trust’s vision, purpose and activities.

Our Members:

  • Mrs Sara Kingan
  • Mr Derek Blackman
  • Mr Alexander Demetriou
  • Mrs Annette Beaumont
  • Mrs Alison Devlin

Our Directors:

  • Mr Peter Foale – Chair of Trust Board, Chairof Pay and Remuneration Committee
  • Mr Wyn Williams- Vice-Chair of Trust Board, Chair of Standards Committee
  • Mr Barnaby Kent - Chair of Finance and Audit Committee
  • Mr Philip Palmer – Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr Ian Walker
  • Mrs Jean Panagamuwa
  • Mr John Hughes
  • Mr Christopher Keast
  • Mrs Victoria Hayles
  • Mr Phillip Unsworth
  • Mr Richard Bines

Company secretary: Mrs Catherine Cox