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Our Leadership Group

Our Leadership Group, comprising of the Chief Executive Officer and Headteachers, work together to drive improvement for the mutual benefit of all the member schools of Equals Trust.

The Leadership Group meet regularly each term to discuss education and learning across the Trust and to prepare proposals for the Trust team and Board of Directors for the development of the Trust. This working group is crucial in delivering the Trust ethos, vision, values and maintaining the principles of equality and working collaboratively.

Andy Board
Headteacher - Tollerton Primary School 

I began my teaching career in Bury, Manchester in 1992, moving to Nottingham in 1998 where I worked at Bentinck Primary School. I left to join Cropwell Bishop Primary School in Rushcliffe at the start of 2002 as deputy headteacher. I remained there until joining Nottinghamshire Local Authority, where I worked as an Education ICT Consultant for 5 years. In September 2009 I became headteacher of Tollerton Primary School.

I believe that working together in partnership with other schools is a highly effective way to support each other and to ensure high standards are maintained for all. Tollerton has been an active member of the Rushcliffe Learning Alliance since its inception and I have been a director of the organisation since last year. This year I am the RLA’s Chair and have been delighted to see the organisation grow and develop over the past four years. Working with the other headteachers and schools in the Equals Trust presents a fantastic opportunity to develop this collaborative work more closely and to help shape the future of education for the benefit of all our children.

I live in Rushcliffe with my wife Clare, who is also a teacher, and our three children. Outside of school, I am actively involved in my local community, running the local Beaver Scout Colony and supporting my son’s local youth football team. I enjoy seeing friends and family, sailing and running and getting away on holiday whenever I can.

Jenny Cook 
Headteacher - Burton Joyce Primary School 

I studied for a Degree in Fine Arts and English Literature in Liverpool, before moving to Nottingham Trent University to complete my PGCE.  I took up my first teaching position Brookhill Leys Primary School, in Eastwood in 1999. 

In 2001, I moved to Cropwell Bishop Primary School, where I took on subject responsibility as English Leader.  Over time, my responsibilities grew as I was given the opportunity to become the SENCo, and then, assistant headteacher.  Through an LA school improvement initiative, I supported a number of schools across Nottinghamshire with writing development.  When Cropwell Bishop became a Local Leader School, as a member of the senior leadership team, I worked with Phil Palmer to provide support to other schools in need.

As Cropwell Bishop Primary School gained National Leader School status, we provided further support to schools in difficulty and in 2012, I moved to Burton Joyce Primary School as acting head of school to help bring about rapid and sustained improvement, which has endured to make it a school to be proud of.  I was appointed as permanent head of school in 2014.

I live in Nottinghamshire with my husband, 2 children and a chocolate Labrador!  In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit – Insanity and Kettlecise.  I also enjoy running and recently completed a half marathon. To relax, I love reading and enjoying going for long walks!

Peter Cresswell
Executive Headteacher - Crossdale Primary School and Keyworth Primary & Nursery School 

I was appointed Headteacher of Crossdale Drive Primary School in 2008 and have enjoyed working with the Governing Body since then to maintain and improve the excellent reputation enjoyed by the school in the local community. In 2015 I was appointed as Executive Headteacher across Crossdale Drive and Keyworth Primary Schools – this new challenge has proved to be very rewarding and extremely interesting! Helping establish Equals Trust and working with the other Headteachers in the Trust is already bringing about change and innovation to the practices in our schools.

I have 3 children and am married to Alison, who has been a very active on the Governing Body of the school our children attended. Governance and education is often a topic of conversation in the Cresswell house! Free time is taken up with sport, both participating myself and watching my children.

Rob Gilbey
Headteacher - Robert Miles Junior School 

I began my teaching career in Melton Mowbray in 1991, moving to Nottinghamshire in 1996. I joined Robert Miles Junior School at the start of 1999 and was deputy head until becoming headteacher in September 2003, which means I am beginning my 14th year as head of the school.

I have always been committed to the idea of partnership working as a way of increasing effectiveness in all areas of our schools. I have been Chair of the Rushcliffe Primary Behaviour Partnership since its inception in 2013. Using delegated funds from Nottinghamshire Council the Partnership provides specialist behaviour support for all primary schools in Rushcliffe, its success in reducing the numbers of fixed term and permanent exclusions shows what schools can achieve by working with each other towards a shared goal.

The opportunities that the formation of a primary based collaborative Trust will bring are very exciting and I am looking forward to strengthening existing relationships as well as building new ones to give our pupils the very best we possibly can.

Louisa Hussey
Headteacher - Cropwell Bishop Primary School 

I have worked at Cropwell Bishop Primary School since 2004, progressing to the position of deputy headteacher. In 2014, following the Federation of Cropwell Bishop Primary School with Burton Joyce Primary School, I was appointed as Head of School.

Having worked for a Local Leader of Education and National Leader of Education school means that I have always been committed to the numerous ways that schools can work together in partnership and the successful outcomes that can be brought about by working with each other. I am looking forward to establishing further links with the schools across the Trust and into the future, to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

I live in North Nottinghamshire with my Civil Partner and two young children aged 6 and 8. Outside of school I am actively involved in my local community, supporting my children’s schools and other activities as well as my own. I enjoy seeing friends and family, long walks with our dog and getting away to the coast whenever possible!

Lynda Noble
Headteacher - Heymann Primary and Nursery School 

I have been a head teacher for 17 years. My first headship was in a Nottingham City School and I joined Heymann in 2005. I am also a Local Leader of Education which means that our school gets the opportunity to work closely with other schools which require support and with HMI.

I am looking forward to working with other schools and leadership teams in Equals Trust to make sure that all of our children develop to be the best that they can be in all aspects of life and have a school environment which is a supportive and happy place for them to learn.  Being part of Equals Trust is an exciting time for our school.

I have two children who attend The West Bridgford School. My eldest son is just going to university to begin his teaching degree. When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym, swimming and going to the theatre.  I also enjoy watching my children playing rugby and football and taking part in drama performances.

Michelle Robinson
Headteacher - Willow Farm Primary School 

I started my teaching career in in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire in 1987. After four years I moved to Germany and Gibraltar to teach children from military families.  After that I came back to Nottingham and taught in the City until moving to Willow Farm Primary School. I became Head Teacher in 2012. During my teaching career I have taught children from Foundation to Year 8 and have lead many different curriculum areas in 7 different schools.  I also worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher for 9 years supporting schools and individual teachers to improve their practice. This role also meant that I lead many presentations to large groups of teachers unusually about how to enhance our children’s thinking skills and creativity.

We are looking forward to working with Equals Trust and developing our partnership.  As a school we already work with many other partnerships including Redhill Teaching Alliance and Carlton le Willows family of schools so being part of a Trust with other Primary schools is very exciting.

I live in Nottingham and recently have bought a dog, Flossie, who comes into school regularly to listen to children read.  I love travel and have been fortunate to visit some really ‘off the beaten track’ countries over the years.  I enjoy meeting up with friends and family visiting the theatre, cinema and going on long walks to try and tire Flossie out!

Gary Kenny
Headteacher - Brookside Primary School 

I entered into my career in teaching after initially serving an apprenticeship as a furniture maker and then as a middle distance haulage driver.  Both experiences were rewarding and memorable, but served to pave the way for one of the happiest decisions I have ever made – that of becoming a primary school teacher.

My teaching career began in schools in Northampton before transferring to Brookside Primary School in East Leake, Nottinghamshire, first as Deputy Head Teacher and then as its Head Teacher.  Brookside is a school and community in which I feel very proud to serve.

Working within a primary school continues to be as fulfilling today as it did on the day it all began for me.  Brookside’s integration into the collective of schools that make up Equals Trust presents exciting ways for our children and staff teams to collaborate and learn together. 

Outside of the world of work, my wife, Marta, and I have three children – the oldest of which is following the family trade as he trains to become a primary school teacher.  Diversions include spending time with the family’s much loved border terrier, Ezra, cultivating a garden, music – I’m better at listening than playing – and visiting sunny places.

Kim Bartlett
Headteacher - Flintham Primary School 

I trained as a middle school teacher in Northamptonshire and began my teaching career as a PE specialist before becoming a primary school teacher in a Corby Junior School. Flintham is the fifth school I have taught at and I have experienced teaching across the primary school age.

I have been a teacher at Flintham for a long time now, starting part-time whilst raising my two boys and then switching to full-time as they became older. I was the Deputy Headteacher of the School for three years before becoming the Acting Head Teacher last year and now the Headteacher of the School. Flintham is a very special place to me and I am so delighted to be able to work with such fantastic and enthusiastic children, parents, staff and governors. All stakeholders are extremely proud of the sustained and consistent achievement of our pupils.

We are so pleased to have joined Equals Trust and believe that working in partnership with the other schools will enhance the exciting opportunities we can provide for all our children.

Away from school, I live with my husband and two sons. We are all keen to keep fit  and weekends are spent playing a variety of sports. We also enjoy travelling and long walks with our dog.