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The Trust will attempt to achieve best value for money from all purchases. This means purchasing what is needed in the correct quality, quantity and at the best price possible at the time. A large proportion of purchases will be paid for with public funds and the Trust needs to maintain the integrity of these funds by following the general principles of;

Probity – it must be demonstrable that there is no corruption or private gain involved in the contractual relationships of the Trust;

Accountability – the Trust is publicly accountable for its expenditure and the conduct of its affairs;

Fairness – that all those dealt with by the Trust are dealt with on a fair and equitable basis.

The terms and conditions of purchase orders are attached below.

Prospective Suppliers

The Trust and each member school has an approved list of suppliers for most goods and services and as such we do not accept cold calls from prospective suppliers.

Any prospective suppliers wishing to make contact should contact the Trust Finance Manager via e-mail -

Accounts Payable

Invoices without official or valid purchase order numbers will cause significant delays in payment, please ensure order numbers are clearly shown.

Invoices and queries payable by Equals Trust should be emailed to the Trust Finance Manager -