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Teaching and Learning

The provision of exceptional Teaching and Learning is of course fundamental to everything we believe in at Equals Trust. To this aim we have drawn together the philosophy and good practice of Equals Trust and our schools as ‘Principles for Learning’.

We have four E’s that underpin our ‘Principles for Learning’:

  • Expectation – The vision and aims of Equals Trust, the roots and expectations.
  • Entitlement – The three main areas of provision; Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Assessment for Learning.
  • Enrichment – Trust activities to enrich the Entitlement.
  • Engagement – The two main areas of Continuing Professional Development and School Improvement enable us to deliver the Entitlement. 

All these strategies are being developed by different leadership groups and will be continually improved with new ideas and initiatives; for example, the Assessment Group and the Principles for Assessment, the Deputy Heads and the Mick Walters Curriculum Group and the Teaching and Learning Principles are being created by the Leadership Group (the head teachers).

The engagement of Continuing Professional Development will enable us to provide the entitlement through shared professional development, the development of expertise and sometimes outsourcing to other collaborative partners, for example teaching schools and the East Midlands Education Support Service (EMESS, formerly the Local Authority). We have a School Improvement Strategy in place and a good practice toolkit from which is available to all member schools. Our current focus is to implement our own ‘Equals Trust Good Practice Scheme’ which we are developing with the EMESS, this will enable us to accredit specialist teachers in our Trust in areas of learning using the AST/SLE model.

We believe that EQT schools are defined by our philosophy which is the basis for our ‘Principles for Learning’ and how we support teachers in enabling our children to grow in their learning. These tools for defining great practice will be a guide for improving our provision throughout the Trust.